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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What my mother wanted us to pack

I'm attaching a link to a story by Julie Schumacher in the New York Times that I recommend be read by parents and adult kids alike. It's one woman's account of what it was like for her and her sisters to go to their mother's home after the mother passed away, and to pack up her belongings. It's not a tear-jerker, nor is it a cold, clinical analysis of the process. It's a pretty balanced account of what the family goes through, as well as the thoughts the mother must have had as she prepared for her final years. Click here to read the article.


  1. Be sure to read the 91 comments re the article. Click on the 91. Some of the best reads are here.

  2. Hello Lynne,
    My mother passed away and left me a modest house a small amount of money in the bank for my sister(the executer) to pay expenses.There is a small mortgage owed that she is not paying and seems to believe is my responsibility. The money left after expenses is hers. What do I do and what paper work should she give to me?

  3. Hi Lynne, I am an executor and 1 of the beneficiaries has waived his share. Do I now need to pay his share to his children or should I distribute it among the remaining beneficiaries? The will states that if one of the beneficiaries dies, their share gets passed on to any surviving issue. Thank you for your great blog!

    1. When a person waives his inheritance, you treat the estate as if that person had died before the estate began. Therefore, you follow the instruction in the will that his share is divided among his issue.

      Glad you like the blog :)



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