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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We completed Alzheimer's Friendly Business Training

Today my Practice Coordinator and I both completed our Alzheimer's Friendly Business Training. We both found it useful and practical. Here's a link for anyone who wants to know more.

We hope taking this training will help us serve our clients better by understanding their concerns about their parents or other family members who are suffering from Alzheimer's. Anything we can do to be more compassionate and helpful is worth it if it helps our clients know that we care about what's going on in their families.


  1. Excellent
    Alzheimer's is a disease that most people do not understand, especially family members. My mother passed away with it. Recently a neighbour passed away with it. Note to family members. Learn as much as you can and be patient. There is a feeling that we can somehow make them understand and change their behaviour, but we really can't. We are the ones that have to understand and change 'our' behaviour. Do not verbally spar with them. Go with the flow.

    1. I wanted my Practice Co-ordinator to take the training because she is young and has had no exposure to anyone with Alzheimer's. As it turns out, one of the scenarios covered in the training in what to do when a person with Alzheimer's leaves your place of business without paying for something. Then, as it happens, yesterday we had that exact thing happen in our office, and she handled it perfectly with no embarrassment or insult to the customer. Talk about timely training!



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