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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Don't let your child be tossed around by the court

I recently read an article by Alberta lawyer James Burkinshaw about choosing a guardian for children who may be minors when you pass away. The article's title, which I've used above, caught my attention because "tossing around" may be exactly the right term for what children go through if parents don't plan properly.

Every parent who has a child that is presently a minor should make a will that appoints a guardian who could step in and be a surrogate parent to the child. If at all possible, a second choice of guardian should also be made. Assuming and hoping that you will be around to raise your kids yourself is fine, but don't let that stop you from fulfilling your parental responsibility of naming someone to step in if you're not here.

I recommend that you read Mr. Burkinshaw's article by clicking here. It contains a step-by-step guide to making the difficult decision about who to choose.

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