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Monday, August 3, 2015

Butler Wills & Estates Consulting Services - Opening Soon!

I have an exciting announcement! As some of you know, I've been off work for a bit with an injury, but I'm ready to get back at it. I've decided to open my own law practice. I've always worked for large law firms and a large trust company, but now I want to work for myself.

I expect to open the doors for business in early September, so at the moment I'm busy with renovations and furniture-buying and getting permits in place.

I'm going to do the work I love - conflict resolution for families caught up in estate disputes, estate planning, will drafting, probate, adult guardianship applications, powers of attorney, elder law, and trusts.

Many of you ask me how you can contact me directly for advice, and for the last several months I've been unable to help people one-on-one because I wasn't at work (not being at work means, among other things, no liability insurance and therefore no license to practice law). However, once I'm back at it, I'll make sure everyone knows how to reach me in person, by phone, or by email.

Thanks everyone for continuing to read this blog and sending me your comments, as you have helped me understand what it is people need from wills and estates lawyers.


  1. Lynne,
    That is good news and I wish you the best. You have helped me and so many others with your Blog.If you were near me I would be your first client. My Estate Saga is ongoing but I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it's not a freight train.

  2. Thank you for this blog. it is very useful to us. And if you your free please see this once.Most of the disputes about wills fall into one or the other of two categories. These are either that someone has not been provided for adequately in the will, or that some formality has not been complied with.Thank you.Disputing A Will

  3. I am dealing with a demonic brother, who committed fraud, but police say not enough to charge him, stole mom's matrimonial home property rights, and all income from rental properties leaving her in debt, cost her life savings and is sued her for more. And won. This all occurred because in 1996 dad secretly deeded 3 properties in joint tenancy back to himself. My financial moron brother was made the executor and he bullied, terrorized our mother threats to lose her home so she complied with his every demand. This blog has helped me trying to find a way to get an affidavit into court to reverse the 1996 secret document, which is legal in Ontario that robbed mom of all her properties and rights thereof. Interesting point of legal fact. If you steal someone's TV police charge you with theft. If you steal someone's property rights and all its' income police cannot lay a charge as it is not a "criminal" act but a "civil" act. So you sell off what you can to pay for lawyers, courts etc and when that is over you go bankrupt. Well, I am going to do just that in the hopes of if nothing else get enough publicity to someday get democracy into Ontario. Seniors losing their homes to thieves like my brother is rampant and I for one will fight to my last breath to get that stopped and find a way to force police to charge them with theft. Just like I fought to force police to lay charges against the violent monsters, rapists that I grew up with, instead of forcing the victims to get a lawyer and lay charges. Anyone remember those days? Well I sure do. I was 7 years old when I fought that in my area and within our home (dad was violent) and my best friends was being raped by her father.. The changed in 1975 but in 1989 I still had to fight because the police in Sudbury refused. I campaigned all by myself and David Peterson who was our Premier at the time helped me force Sudbury police into the 20th Century. Our current Premier refuse to lift one finger to help me save mom's house (now being sold to pay for legal costs), she is too busy selling of our biggest and most profitable asset Hydro One. So sometimes it is not about the law but about one's attitude. And Canadians attitudes on seniors abuse is shameful and disgusting. I should not have been forced to fight this all by myself for 14 years. I fought 66 years to find the cause of my Disease and discovered that I can only control it by boycotting Canadian food and discovered a diet to control my Parkinsonism with the help of Americans. I put that research on line for free, but still this country is the only country that does not have to list all ingredients on food labels. Yet, USA & Europe had that law 40 years ago. Canola oil caused my disease and corruption at Health Canada has supported it. I am 73 and tired of the apathy of this country so lacking in democracy that I was an idiot to leave New York to return to rescue my mother. I should have just kidnapped her out from under my father's clutches when I had the wealth to do that. So now I am stuck here wondering why in hell Canadians are so inhumane? And why does no one care that seniors are being so terribly abused by criminal family members? My mother was desperate, begging for help and my brother did what he did with the support of everyone of the family, who turned a blind eye, and simply did not give a damn. So I do what I can no matter the price I am forced to pay. Hoping someday to find a Canadian who will care as much to help me as Americans who cared to save my life. I expect now that is done I will have to find a way to put every senior's story onto a website, because I ain't going to get much media support, they are too busy pretending it just ain't happening in their own back yard.


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