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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Give your family a break by leaving a record of your financial, legal, and everyday arrangements

The following is a sample page from my workbook called For My Family, With Love. This particular page is a place to record the various pension benefits that you and/or your spouse are receiving. If your kids had to step in, either as Power of Attorney or as executor of  your estate, would they know all of this important information? How long do you think it would take them to put this together by going through your mail and your computer (assuming you left them your password)? The odds of them missing something increases with every pension source you have.

Give them a break, and leave them a record such as For My Family, With Love. Leaving them a detailed, accurate record of your financial, legal, personal, and everyday arrangements will save them hours of searching, delays, and even disputes. I've designed this book to hold not just factual information, but also any personal messages you might want to pass along.

If you're the one who is going to end up looking after things for your parent one day, consider giving them a copy of For My Family, With Love to fill in. Filling it in together might be a good idea, if your parent wants a bit of help or encouragement.

You can order a copy of the workbook by clicking here.

Pension Income
I have used the following table to show which government pensions my spouse and I receive (check all that apply):

I receive this
My spouse receives this
Old Age Security benefit

Canada Pension Plan retirement benefit

Canada Pension Plan disability benefit

Canada Pension Plan Survivor’s benefit

Canada Pension Plan Widow’s benefit

Veteran’s Affairs benefit

Provincial benefit for handicapped person

Provincial benefit for older or retired person

Government pension from another country


Important details or information about my government pensions:

My spouse and/or I receive the following private pensions:
□ From my former employment:

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