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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Top 8 Fun Christmas gifts for lawyers

Everyone must have at least one wills and estates lawyer on their holiday gift list. Here are some wonderful ideas for gifts that will gladden the hearts of those lovable advocates.

Blind Justice: The Game of Lawsuits If suing people all day at work isn't enough to keep your pet lawyer happy, you can cheer him or her up with this board game. It uses 168 condensed versions of actual damage claims in the US courts, as players represent the plaintiffs and defendants. As they win or lose cases, by skill or chance, players rise through the court system and win by getting lots of money. The box says you'll "enjoy hours of hilarious and educational entertainment." Click here to buy.

Do Not Make Me Use My Lawyer Voice iPhone case: We all know that lawyer voice, and none of us wants to hear it any more than necessary. This phone is a good reminder to be polite. Click here to buy.

The Billable Hour watch. Is your lawyer tired of converting his or  her standard time into a decimal system for billing purposes? This watch does the work for them. From afar, it looks like a standard professional's watch, but a glimpse of the dial reveals a unique design just for lawyers and other legal professionals. Click here to buy

I'm a Lawyer, Not a Magician t-shirt. This will certainly send a straightforward message to unrealistic clients who insist that the lawyer in your life make a will for them for $50. And it comes in 17 colours so you can customize it to work with any of their many pinstriped suits. Click here to buy.

Chocolate scales of justice and gavel. No holiday is complete without chocolate.   Click here to buy.

Shark sleeping bag.  Is the lawyer in your life spending some late nights at the firm drafting those pesky trust provisions? Now he or she can grab a convenient nap in this cosy sleeping bag. And I'm sure they won't mind that you are perpetuating the lawyer-as-shark stereotype. Click here to buy.

WTF button. Seriously, how many times a day does a  lawyer say this? (Answer: on an average day, plenty. On a Monday, hundreds). Next time your favourite lawyer is faced with a bank that won't hand over estate funds, a statute that specifically forbids the client from doing what he has already done, or a judge who just won't see things the lawyer's way, he or she can just smack this button! It won't change anything, but they might feel better. Click here to buy.

Legal Advice Dice. Ever wonder how to deal with those people who simply will not stop asking for free legal advice? Here is the perfect response. Let them get what they pay for when your lawyer rolls these dice. Answers range from "sue" to "shoot". Click here to buy.

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