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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Posts with more than 200 comments are "full"

Hello readers,

A number of the posts on this blog have a couple of hundred comments on them. The system here only allows 200 of them to show up, though it doesn't prevent anyone from continuing to add comments even after 200 has been reached. When I see a post that has 200 or more comments, I add a note in bright red in the body of the post to do my best to alert anyone who wants to leave a question or comment.

However, some of you post on those threads anyway. When that happens, the system tells me that a comment has been made on the thread, but I can't access it. So, if your question or comment has gone unanswered, it could be because you added it to a thread with too many comments.

You can always add your question to another post.


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