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Monday, August 4, 2014

For My Family, With Love - a new workbook resource!

I have another exciting resource to tell you about! This is a workbook I have been putting together for several months, based on my experience of what it's like for executors to step in and begin the job of looking after an estate. It's called "For My Family, With Love: This book contains important information you'll need after I've passed away" and is now available for purchase online.

Executors have a million details to look after. Who has keys to the house and cabin? The mail doesn't get delivered right to Mom's door, so where do they go to get it? Did Dad have a pension from his former employer? What agency supplied the home-care nurse? And of course, many other questions always arise.

Wouldn't it be great if all the information about assets, debts, joint property, medical and legal contacts, loans to family members, and all of the rest was to be found in one place? Wouldn't it be marvelous if Mom or Dad wrote down where they keep things?

Having all of that information at hand would relieve hours upon hours of searching and asking questions. It would save an executor untold stress and frustration. This 93-page workbook contains space for all of the information a parent, spouse, or grandparent would like to leave for those who will look after the estate. You could use one of these books for yourself, or give one to a parent or relative for them to use. Or, you could get one for a parent and you could fill it in together.

More than that, this book contains places for Mom or Dad to write personal notes that will be read after they have passed away. The notes could be to the kids, or to anyone else who is important. They could be words of love, encouragement, or guidance.

The book is coil-bound to lie flat for easy use. The sections are organized in a logical way and clearly set out so that the book is simple to follow. There is no legal jargon, just suggestions for what your loved ones will need to know after you're gone.

This book would also be a wonderfully useful tool for someone acting under a Power of Attorney. It would help ensure that nothing is missed.

Click here to see more about the book, to preview it, or to purchase it. As always, I welcome your feedback.

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