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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm spending today answering your questions

Thanks everyone for all of your questions. You readers certainly come up with some interesting situations. Recently, questions have just been pouring in, and I'm way behind with my responses. Please be patient! I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon answering them, and hopefully I'll get to the one you're so graciously waiting on.

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  1. Sorry if I keep posting my issue, I can't tell if my posts are going through!

    Terribly long story short my father died 4.5 years ago without a will. I agreed to let my older brother be the administrator. He made a partial distribution 6 months after our father died with proceeds from the sale of the family home and said he would distribute the remainder (roughly $90K to be divided between us) after he received the clearance certificate. Totally reasonable. I have never received any accounting since (and have asked frequently, always ignored!!) I called recently so we can make arrangements to inter our parents remains, it is long overdue. He had his partner tell me he will never speak to me and to stop wasting my time. His partner told me in November 2013 that CRA lost the clearance certificate and all the paperwork so settling the estate would take a bit longer. I was sceptical..and rightfully so because three weeks later CRA sent me a letter looking for unpaid taxes on my father's estate! Neither she nor my brother will acknowledge this huge red flag. I've been a fool to give my brother the benefit of my strong doubts all these years. I'd like to hire a lawyer but am currently a stay at home mom so money is an issue, especially since it is likely there is nothing left. Do I have any options here?


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