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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toronto police arrest 2 for elder abuse, fraud

CBC News is carrying a story about Norma Marshall, a 94-year-old woman who alleges that Vera Nunes and her husband defrauded her of her life savings. It appears that Mrs. Nunes gained entry into Mrs. Marshall's life as a housekeeper, then moved her family, uninvited, into Mrs. Marshall's house, took her possessions, and drained Mrs. Marshall's bank account.  Click here to read the story at

Mrs. Marshall is not the one who called the police. They were called when the prescription delivery person, Firoz Jogiat, saw Mrs. Nunes' husband at Mrs. Marshall's house and realized something was wrong. I don't know Mr. Jogiat, but he has my eternal gratitude for keeping an eye on his elderly customer, and caring enough to stand up for her.

This type of crime that preys on trusting, helpless, elderly people disgusts me, as it should everyone. We all have aging parents, relatives, or neighbours, and we should all make an effort to ensure they are never left helpless and alone. In this particular case, Mrs. Marshall did not dare to complain to anyone, and Mr. Jogiat realized that she seemed afraid. We should all pay attention to our elderly loved ones in this way, so that we can hear what is not being said.

The police suspect that Mrs. Nunes and her husband have victimized others as well. I am so glad these two vultures have been caught.

The attached photo of Mrs. Marshall accompanied the article on

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