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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Village in Holland created just for patients with dementia

What would you think of a village created for individuals who suffer from dementia? It would have supermarkets and parks, just like any other village, but would also have security gates and medical personnel throughout the village. I heard about this in a blog post by Toronto lawyer Ian Hull. Click here to read Mr. Hull's post.

I love the idea. It combines the security and supervision provided by the traditional long-term care facility with a much more normal lifestyle. Why place our precious parents or grandparents in a place where they live in one room when the same medical and care benefits can be provided in a place where they have a whole village?

It has been done in Holland, according to Mr. Hull's post. I don't know of any such place in Canada or the USA. No doubt there would be immense financial and logistical issues to creating one, but I think the benefits to our seniors would be tremendous. It would also benefit society at large if it reduced caregiver burnout, elder abuse, and the trepidation felt by families who cannot care for their loved ones.

What do you think?

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