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Friday, February 21, 2014

National dialogue on end-of-life care kicks off in St. John's

Both of my parents spent time in palliative care before they passed away. That stage of life is unbelievably hard, both for the patient and for the family members who are losing someone they love. The fear and uncertainty can make it nearly impossible for family members to make decisions about end-of-life treatments and options. I can tell you from both personal and professional experience that having a conversation about end-of-life wishes is crucial.

Having plans in place and talking with your family about them help to accomplish two things; you help to ensure that your real wishes are carried out, and you ensure that your children or spouse are not left with agonizing decisions about what to do.

The Canadian Medical Association and Maclean's Magazine have begun a series of national dialogues with the public as well as professionals who are involved with end-of-life situations. To read an excellent article in the St. John's Telegram about the first meeting, click here.

I would like everyone to read the article, as I cannot urge you strongly enough to put some thought into your own plans, and to consider talking to your family about your end-of-life wishes.

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