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Monday, January 27, 2014

Elderly and sick are easy targets for abusive caregivers

I'm attaching a link to a story from that talks about the horrifying abuse suffered by elderly and disabled individuals at the hands of caregivers. Though I know that there are many thousands of caregivers out there providing loving care, I also know that there are others who are abusive. This article specifically talks about caregivers who abused elderly people to gain access to government benefits. Click here to read it. Be warned - this article will probably make you as sad and angry as it made me.

What can we do? One simple thing that all of us can do is to ensure that our elderly or disabled family members, friends, and neighbours do not become isolated. Isolation makes it much easier for abusers to get away with their abuse.

The attached photo accompanied the article. It shows Attiya Ross (right) who saved the life of Frances Lowry (left). The photo is credited to David Maialetti, AP.

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