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Friday, November 8, 2013

Pet owner leaves millions for her dog and other animals

Danny Meek's blog,, recently had a short article about Muriel Siebert, who left the bulk of her $48 million estate to a foundation she had set up. One of the foundation's goals is to help seniors who are financially challenged to look after their pets. Click here to read the blog post. For more details about Ms. Siebert's life and  her will, click here to read a story from

Ms. Siebert also left $100,000 to a friend who would look after Ms. Siebert's dog, Monster Girl.

Not all of us have $48 million to leave behind, but many of us do want to benefit charitable organizations that do work that has special meaning for us. Those who have survived cancer or heart disease often want to support the organization that supported them when they needed it. Others perceive a need, such as financial literacy for seniors, and want to do what they can to make a difference. Whatever the reason for wanting to give to charitable organizations, your will is an excellent place to do that. If you want to explore the idea of charitable giving or setting up a foundation, talk to your estate planning lawyer.

The attached photo of Ms. Siebert holding the adorable Monster Girl accompanied the article and is credited to Susan Watts/New York Daily News.

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