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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Upcoming (free) webinar: "Choosing Your Executor"

Here's something I want the readers of this blog to consider doing - attending a free webinar called "Choosing Your Executor". It's coming up on June 6, 2013. Click here for details about the seminar and how to register.

As I've blogged about many times, people in general don't put enough thought into who they name as their executors, and the results are delays, extra costs, lawsuits and worst of all, family fights.  Are your kids the best option for this role? One of them or all of them? And if only one, which one? What other options are out there? This crucial decision deserves some real consideration.

The seminar is being presented by Larry Short, an advisor with Dundee Wealth Management. I've had the pleasure of working with Larry a few times over the last year, and I can personally recommend him as having the knowledge and experience to present this seminar.

Think about joining this webinar. You'll get great information from a reliable source, and some real-life solutions and ideas.

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