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Monday, May 20, 2013

Second marriage? Have a financial date before you tie the knot

In this post, I want to talk about marriage. Specifically, re-marriage after you've been divorced or widowed. What does marriage have to do with estate planning, you may ask? The answer is: more than you might think.

A person in a second or subsequent marriage may want to make a will that leaves some of his or her estate to the children of the first marriage. This can be a bit of a balancing act since he or she has an obligation to look after the new spouse too, and there are only so many assets to go around. An experienced estate planner can really help here.

I'm attaching a link to an article at which talks about several financial considerations arising out of a second marriage. It's not only about estate planning, but includes it. Click here to read the article.


  1. This is very well written and your points are well-expressed. Please, don’t ever stop writing.
    David Atkinson

    1. Well that was a nice thing to say. Thanks.



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