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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Common law couples: love and trust won't cut it

This article from the National Post contains some of the best advice I've read in a very, very long time. It talks about the fact that many - if not most - people in common law relationships really don't know what their rights are, or what would happen if their partner died.

The author hit the nail exactly on the head when she said that misconceptions are common. I can't tell you how often people think they know the law when they are completely off-base. I find this is especially true in Atlantic Canada, where people don't realize that the information they are seeing in magazines, newspapers and TV comes from other provinces or even the US, and doesn't apply to them.

If you're in a common law relationship, click here to read this article. And to all of the people out there who tell me that they don't want to talk to their common law partners about money and wills because it kills the romance or it seems distrustful, all I can say is you need a reality check. Your partner dying kills the romance too, especially if it leaves you and the kids penniless or takes away a good chunk of what you worked all your life to earn. If you can't talk about looking after each other and looking after the kids, that seems like a pretty shaky relationship to me.

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