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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leaving your estate to someone you have never met

Many people assume that they can leave their estates to anyone they choose. This is only true to an extent. The right to dispose of your estate as you see fit is called testamentary freedom, and it was the issue highlighted in the case of Ray Fulk, who left his estate to two television stars he had never met.

To read about Mr. Fulk's story, click here to read an article from

The bottom line is Mr. Fulk's case is that if you have taken care of all of your responsibilities (for example, your spouse and minor children) and if you have the mental capacity to make a will, then you can leave your estate to whomever you choose. While this is an American case, I suggest that the law on this issue is the same here in Canada.

I like this case because it underlines the fact that even if your wishes expressed in your will are a bit unusual, and even if they are not what others might have thought to do, they can still be valid wishes.

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