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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family fighting for right to daughter’s online legacy

I'm attaching a link below to the story of Alison Atkins. Alison was only 16 when she died, and her family wanted to access her Tumblr blog and Facebook accounts because they were worried that she had committed suicide. They wanted answers to try to ease the pain and shock of losing their precious daughter and sister. They also want to keep Alison's memory alive by allowing her friends and school mates to post on her Facebook page.

However, Alison's family is running into problems. The legal system and the policies of the companies who hold Alison's accounts are not providing access. They say the information is private and belonged only to Alison.

Family fighting for right to daughter’s online legacy | CTV News

As you read the story, think about your own family. Think about whether  you want to allow your parents, kids, grandkids, executor - or whoever else is close to you - to access your accounts. If you do, how will you arrange for them to have that access?

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