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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Man, 91, dies after being left alone in Summerland care home

This is the kind of story that makes my stomach hurt, at the same time making me absolutely furious. It's the story of Alfredo Bonaldi, 91, who died recently after being left unattended in an assisted living facility in Summerland, BC for several days. Click here to read the article from the Vancouver Province. And for heaven's sake, don't leave your elderly relatives alone for very long.


  1. It is very sad to know about the carelessness of a care home management.

    1. Yes, it's very sad. But it's important to keep perspective and know that there are thousands of other older people who are safe, healthy and happy living in care. I occasionally post this kind of article not to scare people but to ensure that they stay close with their loved ones and watch carefully to ensure they are doing well.



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