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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holographic wills and capacity

My friends over at have posted something really interesting that some of you will recognize. An elderly parent who lacks mental capacity keeps making handwritten (or "holographic") wills. Holographic wills are legal in most parts of Canada, assuming that the parent has the mental ability to make a will. Is your parent doing this? And if so, how are you dealing with those wills? Click here to read an article that gives some advice on what to do.


  1. This one of the most useful and concise blog that I have read this past few weeks.

    1. Thanks! In addition to the posts I write myself, I always post links to other blogs, sites and resources that I think readers of this blog might find useful. It's good to know you are getting something good out of it :)


  2. wow... this at least open my eyes to a new kind of wills 'terminology'.. thanks for sharing.. It's not that easy to deal with this kind of circumstances... and a deliberate planning today... may save up the future... thank


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