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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Should you buy long-term care insurance?

Have you ever thought about buying long-term care insurance to pay for the care you might need later in life? For most of us, the information on this product is scarce and contradictory. I've found an article in the Wall Street Journal that covers both sides of the debate on whether you should buy this type of insurance. Click here to read it.


  1. If you think you do not need long term care insurance coverage, think again. You may be living a healthy and risk-free lifestyle, but there is one thing you cannot avoid - getting old. Old age increases your risk for long term care. Planning for long term care is not easy, but with the help of long term care insurance experts, you can be directed to take the right steps for a brighter future. Watch the video to know more about long term care cost -

  2. Thanks for sharing, You have to carefully read the policy to make sure that the discount life insurance stays in place for the term of your policy.
    Long term care insurance

  3. In Canada the long term care insurance has a period of time. Some plans have 30 days others have 60 days and longer. Thus you need to wait for a period called elimination period to get your benefits. If you want to protect your investment this will be a better option.

    1. Sasha, I appreciate your comment but I don't really know what you mean. Do you mean that there is a waiting period between the time you buy the policy and the time you claim benefits, or a waiting period between the time you apply and the time you receive benefits? I also don't know what you mean by protecting your investment. Do you feel like elaborating on this?


  4. What's extended attention insurance News policies? Long term attention insurance policies is actually a variety of medical health insurance designated to deliver attend to individuals living with any long-term condition as well as injuries. Long term attention insurance policies delivers both health-related and also non-medical help the particular covered with insurance, whether in a very attention center for instance a class household or even a sanita household as well as living in their very own household and also needing assist with his or her daily attention. It varies from other types associated with attention which have been included in classic insurance coverage as it will cover assist with custodial attention, as well as assistance with responsibilities associated with day to day living that a majority of persons are capable of doing intended for on their own.


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