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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free webinars on wills, estates, business succession and elder law

We're approaching 150,000 hits on this blog, and I've put some thought into what I'd like to do to celebrate that, and say thanks to the readers. I'm considering offering some webinars - free to you of course - on specific subjects that are consistently popular with the readers of this page. Each webinar (online seminar) would be 45 minutes in length, and would involve you phoning a toll-free number to participate in a conference call, with an optional visual component on your computer.

The information you'll hear on the webinar will be applicable across Canada. I'll host the calls live.

This is going to take some organizing on my part, so I'd like to gather a bit of information before going ahead. Obviously I'd like to know most of all whether this idea is of interest to a sufficient number of you. I've put up two polls on the right hand side of the page. One asks about topics you'd like to hear about. The other asks you to name the most convenient time of day. Please feel free to check those, or to leave a comment below in the usual way. Suggestions are always welcome.

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