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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A growing trend: elderly parents marrying the caregiver

Several years ago I was involved in a strange file where the adult children of a wealthy man discovered after their father's death that he had recently married his housekeeper. As the law at the time stated that marriage revoked a will, the father's will leaving his estate among his children was overthrown. Each of the children hired a lawyer, as did the wife/housekeeper, and the fight was on.

The housekeeper had plainly preyed upon the man to get access to his assets. At the time, I'd never seen another case like it. Now, however, so many cases have come to light that they have their own title, that of "predatory marriages" or "predatory unions".

Could this happen to your widowed or divorced parent? What would that do to your family? What would it do your parent's financial security?

To learn more about this trend of elderly parents marrying the caregiver, click here to read an article by .

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