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Monday, May 9, 2011

Estate Planning Through Family Meetings still ranked #1 on

I'm soooo pleased to tell you that even though my book "Estate Planning Through Family Meetings (Without Breaking up the Family)" has been in the stores for one full year, it is STILL ranked #1 on in the "law books/practical guides/wills" category. It's ranked #2 in the "law books/tax/estates and trusts" category. 

This book was the direct result of questions from my customers, readers, colleagues and friends about how to talk to their family members about sensitive matters like death, money, and mental incapacity. In particular, people wanted to know how to make estate planning collaborative, co-operative and non-threatening. So you can see that your comments and questions on this blog and in my seminars are definitely being heard!

My sincere thanks go to everyone who has bought this book, checked it out at the library or recommended it to a friend.

1 comment:

  1. The thanks should go to you Ms. Butler
    for your integrity. You are a lawyer for the people! JP


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