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Friday, April 22, 2011

Selecting a guardian in the modern family

This post from Texas Wills and Trusts Online is fun to read, and even has a funny video to watch, but it also illustrates a very important point. The author of the blog, Rania Combs, states that many parents put off making a will because they can't decide who to appoint as guardian. This is so very true.

I recently did some estate planning with a couple who disagreed so deeply on who was to be appointed as guardian for the kids that they ended up not making a will at all until their youngest child turned 18. As they said to me, the disagreements were so bad that they had to make a choice to protect their marriage rather than make a will. Now that's an extreme case, I know.  But the inability to decide on a guardian does deter too many people from putting these important documents in place. My clients were extremely lucky that nothing happened to them while the children were younger.

Click here to read Ms. Combs' article.

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