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Monday, February 7, 2011

Family dynamics and the older driver

I'm attaching a link here to an article about a service called Keeping Us Safe, which helps older drivers and their families deal with the transition from driving to non-driving. What I found particularly useful about this article was the way that the family members, who were fighting with each other about what was "best for Dad", responded to a neutral third party that stepped in to help.

This article really demonstrates what a wonderful outcome there can be when all of the kids really are concerned about an aging parent but need a bit of help reaching a consensus. It is possible to resolve issues with the help of a third party without having to go to court.

I also took specific note of the fact that the dad in this story was so upset that his children were fighting over what to do about him. The fear of pitting his children against each other made his own decision-making almost impossible.

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