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Friday, January 28, 2011

Check under the bed for the important papers

I have so many interesting links and articles to share with you today, I'd better get started. Here is a link to a post by Audrey Miller at All About Estates. She lists 10 Things You Should Know About Your Parents' Finances. One of the items you need to know is the location of important financial papers. She is so right about this! I've been involved in estates where the deceased put his or her will in a "safe place", which ended up being so safe that nobody could find it until months after the person passed away. One was rolled up and squeezed into an empty shaving cream tin in the medicine cabinet. Another was pushed inside a hollow part of the deceased's bed's headboard. A few have been found in freezers, usually at the very bottom in a freezer bag. Click here to read the post.

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