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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walt Disney heirs embroiled in ugly family feud

Estate disputes happen to everyone, rich or not, famous or not. Famous families just get more press coverage. Hopefully their unfortunate problems can at least help the rest of us avoid our own estate lawsuits. Click here to read this new post about the Disney family estate.


  1. It’s far better to spend your money going to Disney World than paying lawyers for court fights like this.

    1. You know, it's a funny system in a way. Court fights are only supposed to happen when the people involved have tried absolutely everything else and simply cannot resolve their differences. My experience has been quite different, though. Parties walk in and demand that I morph into a pit bull and kick ass against their adversaries. They don't want to work it out or settle or even talk about it. So yeah, there are definitely more fun ways to spend your money than on legal fights, but nobody seems interested. All they want to do is get their own way and punish those who oppose them. Don't blame the lawyers. We are paid to litigate but we don't cause the fights, just like doctors don't cause the injuries they treat and firefighters don't set the fires they put out. If people would be more reasonable, they would, as you say, spend their money at Disney World.



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