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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They can't go home again

I always find Paula Span's articles in the New York Times to be excellent. They're intelligent, well-researched and well-written. But this one is, in my view, outstanding. It's essential reading for any individual who is struggling with caregiving to a parent with whom he or she has had a difficult relationship. That isn't something you hear a lot about, is it? The feelings of the person expected to do the caregiving are usually pretty darn low on the priority list. If you're in this situation, do yourself a huge favour and read this article. You'll feel better. The attached photo, originally from Getty Images, is also from that article in the New York Times.


  1. My dad passed. There happened to be 10k. I have not seen my brother for a while. He was in the bush under a tarp last time two years ago. I have heard of him to be still residing in the bush at this time. Other than no address, no computer, or no phone. It's impossible to find him. Another thing is I don't feel good about his mental capacity or addiction to alcohol. Any info would be helpful. Thank you Pat

    1. Hi Pat,
      You didn't say why you are looking for your brother, but I'll assume he is a beneficiary of your father's estate. I suggest that you contact the Office of the Public Trustee for your province and ask them if they would represent him as a missing beneficiary. This would result in you being able to pay his share to them to hold onto, so you don't have to keep the estate open forever while you look for him.



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