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Friday, November 5, 2010

Queen's University opening new Elder Law clinic

I'm thrilled to learn about this new venture, the first by a Canadian law school. Queen's University has opened a clinic that is staffed by law students and supervised by lawyers. That part isn't new of course, but the clinic is groundbreaking in the area of law it services. Seniors who can't afford lawyers can get help with things like making Powers of Attorney or resolving difficulties with a long-term care facility.

I participated in a law clinic for one-half of my third year at UBC law school, but I don't recall ever been consulted by anyone on what I'd call an elder law issue. This new clinic, however, is being set up specifically to help seniors.

People using any law student clinic need to understand who is working at the clinic. They are not experienced lawyers, but are students who are in their second or third year of a three-year program. They are of course supervised closely by qualified lawyers. While the students may not have years of client files to draw from, remember that they are people who have chosen to work in elder law and who competed for a spot in the clinic because they are interested in seniors' issues.

To learn more about this clinic and what it can do for you or your aging parents, click here.

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