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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Progress report on Alberta Probate Kit

I get a number of emails asking when the Alberta Probate and Administration Kit will be available, so I thought I'd give a progress report. I've finished writing it (yay!). It's at the publishing company, being edited as we speak. We are still on target for a release of the kit in spring 2011. I'll let you know a more exact date as the information becomes available.

Writing this blog has actually been really helpful in putting that kit together. Seeing your questions and comments and keeping track of which posts seem to be of the most interest to you helped me keep in mind what people want to know. The kit has step-by-step instructions for (among other things):

  • applying for probate
  • applying for administration
  • figuring out who gets what when there is no will
  • how and where to file documents
  • how and when to serve notices 
  • filling in the forms needed
  • when to file tax returns
  • dealing with joint property that isn't in the estate
  • transmitting land to the estate
  • transmitting and transferring stocks and shares
  • keeping executor's records
  • preparing financial records for final reporting
  • getting releases from beneficiaries
  • knowing when you need help from a lawyer
 When it's on its way to the stores, you'll be the first to know.

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