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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anthony Morris referrals

Lately I've been getting a number of calls from financial advisors who are interested in getting copies of my "Estate Planning Through Family Meetings" book, on the suggestion of Anthony Morris. First of all, thanks for following up on Mr. Morris' advice and checking out my book. I poured heart and soul into that one, along with years of experience, so it really feels great that the book is doing so well.

Secondly, some of the callers are asking me where they can get copies of the book. It's available in Chapters stores across Canada, Costco, Chapters Online, Amazon, a dozen online sites from India to New Zealand, and by clicking on the picture of the book cover here on my blog.

Of course you can also get copies from the publisher, Self-Counsel Press. If you want to talk to Self-Counsel about a bulk order, click here.

To everyone who has bought and/or read any of my books, feedback is always welcome.

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