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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wills That Make You Go 'Hmm....'

We all know that a Will is meant to contain a person's last wishes with respect to his or her property. And some people have some pretty bizarre wishes. I've had plenty of conversations with people who have asked me to draw up Wills that prevent their son from marrying "that hussy", or to reward only beneficiaries who quit smoking, or to indulge in some name-calling that apparently they couldn't get away with in life. I love those files, and the feisty personalities that think of these things. They are part of what keeps my work so  darn interesting.

Apparently Rania Combs, a lawyer in Texas, shares my affection for "interesting" Wills. Click here to read her recent article about Wills That Make You Go 'Hmm..."  Enjoy!

The photo attached is also taken from that article on Ms. Combs' blog.

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