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Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Are Wealthy Enough for an Estate Plan!

This article debunks the popular idea that estate planning is only for wealthy people. It also makes a very good point that planning to protect your family after you pass away is the most loving thing you can do for them. Click the link to read the article. You Are Wealthy Enough for an Estate Plan!


  1. my husbands dad passed away, My husband is his dads only child. His dad got remarried to a women with four children. My husbands dad adopted one of the children ( the youngest). When it came down to the will and estate. The financial planner that had the will just said he was working on selling everything and the house, all money from the sale will go to the estate. Well we never heard anything, now two years later talking to his wife's four kids, ( his wife died a year before his dad) all they said was the house is sold and the Dave (financial adviser) . Has dealt with the will. We never heard or saw the will but it seems weird his only biological son was not part of it. They were in good standing. Do we have rights to see the will, to see what it said.

    1. took legal advice from a financial advisor (i.e. NOT a lawyer), and it didn't work well? And nobody wondered whether this non-lawyer whose job it is to invest money was actually selling assets so that he could invest the money? I'm sorry but I'm finding it really hard not to just walk away shaking my head right now.

      Who is the executor of the will? Call Dave and find out. Only the executor has the right to sell or otherwise dispose of assets, so hopefully it's Dave. Otherwise he is committing fraud on top of his ethically questionable actions.

      Only beneficiaries of a will are entitled to see it but it seems to me that nobody involved in this entire crew knows any of the rules, so I'm sure Dave will hand out copies like candies if you ask.



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