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Monday, June 28, 2010

Reporting abuse and neglect of seniors in institutions

For many individuals with aging parents, placing their parents in a long-term care facility is a last resort. They feel guilty and selfish for not being able to provide the care and attention that the parent needs and for having to rely on the staff at the institution. Imagine, then, how that person would feel if he or she found that someone working at the institution, or another resident at the institution, was abusing his or her parent.

Types of abuse of seniors in an institutional setting can include physical, financial, psychological, medical or sexual abuse. There can also be an infringement of human rights.

Seniors are among our must vulnerable members of society. Institutional abuse must be reported and stopped. But if this happened to you, or your parents, or a dear friend, would you know who to call to report it? Would you know who to call to talk things over with before making a report? I've recently found a wonderful little 33-page booklet from the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly that has an extensive listing of who to call. It has a listing for every province and territory and includes elder advocates, non-profit groups, police, RCMP, government agencies, CrimeStoppers and information lines.

You can order one (or more) copy for yourself or for a friend for free by clicking here. You'll notice they have several other very useful booklets and checklists too.

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