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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Beat a Hexing Rap - funny legal story

Okay, this has nothing at all to do with estate planning but I saw this item in the Globe and Mail and thought it was just too good not to share. Makes me think how great we have things here in Canada with our legal system. I especially like the part about deciding if someone is a witch by looking at them to see if they behave like a witch!

"How to Beat a Hexing Rap
By some estimates, 40 per cent of court cases in the Central African Repulbic are witchcraft prosecutions writes Grame Wood in The Atlantic magazine. The accused are facing criminal punishment for hexing their enemies or assuming the shape of animals. Lawyer Bartolome Goroth told him the trials genreally ended with an admission of guilt in exchange for a modest sentence. 'I asked how one determined guilt in cases where the alleged witches denied the charges. "The judge will look at them and see if they act like witches" Goroth said, specificying that acting like a witch entailed 'behaving strangely' or 'nervously' in court. His principal advice to clients, he said, was to act normally and refrain from casting any spells in the courtroom".

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