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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Watch for me on Global TV

Tomorrow I'll be taping a special segment with Lynda Steele of Global TV. We'll cover several topics arising from "Protect Your Elderly Parents", including how to begin the difficult conversation about estate planning. Hope you'll be watching!


  1. Hi Lynne Butler We need your help, desperately. We are a family of 5 girls. My mother is currently in Assisted Living. We have 2 power of attorney's. They can't get along. Who is right if there is a confertation? We have my mother's house to sell and many valuables to distribute. Alberta law is not clear. Please contact me, my family is in trouble of breaking up over this. (Shannon)

  2. Hi Lynne What is the process regarding selling a seniors home if they are now in an assisted living facility. We have 2 power of attorneys. Mother has already stated in her enduring power of attorney that items can be distributed as if I had died. One power of attorney doesn't want to do this or sell the house. The other power of attorney wants to follow mother's wishes as per the enduring power of attorney. I would hate this to go to a public trustee just because the powers of attorney's can't get along. Please send us some guide lines or help. A desperate sibling who doesn't want conflict.


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