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Friday, May 29, 2009

May 25, 2009 appearance on CityTV

On Monday, May 25, you may have seen me on CityTV's news and information morning show. I had the coveted half-hour time slot on Breakfast Television. Wow, Wendy is a great host! Her co-host, Ryan, was away for the day so she handled the entire program on her own and she did a great job. We talked about some of the issues that I raised in my book, "Protect Your Elderly Parents".

Specifically we talked about how planning in advance not just for your eventual passing away but also for your possible mental incapacity, can save so many headaches and tears for your family members. A person who doesn't make a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive just isn't doing any favours for their spouse and/or kids. Disputes break out about who gets assets, who is supposed to be in charge, who is allowed to see Mom or Dad once they move to the long-term care facility. It can be a mess, not just financially but also emotionally.

Do everyone in your family a huge favour and see an estate planning lawyer about your own affairs.

I'll be on Breakfast Television again on June 12. See you then! Let me know if there are specific points you'd like me to cover on the show.

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